Saturday, September 18, 2010

E+ Featured Biker of the Week!

Special thanks to Eric Beggs for sharing his E+ Experience with us!
For those of you who can't imagine why you might want an electric bike, take a look at Eric's adventures heading west through desert & mountain this summer. Climb like a pro and focus on the view instead of aching legs with an electric bike. Long time friend of Alien Scooters & avid cyclist
(when its not hot!) Eric's pictures bring his special love of nature.

"Riding high: Drove down the far side.. and rode back up! What fun!"

"Got the bike on the back rack for a tour of NM and CO. Lots of looks. (I thought they were tailgating at first...just wanted a closer look.) ;·)"

"Seaside Oregon: Up 101 to the beach. "Up Mt. Shasta"

Wonderful! What traffic?"